Giraffe Image.jpg
Common Name Giraffe
Group Mammals
Diet Herbivorous
Nature Neutral
Release version Steam.svg v1.0
Tameable Yes
Rideable Yes
Taming method Bola
Tame type Permanent
Preferred Food Beet.png Beet
Other information
Spawns in Desert and Tropics
Rarity Uncommon

Giraffes are one of the docile Mammals in ATLAS.

Basic Information[]


Giraffes are neutral animals commonly found in desert biome. They favor wild beets as a food source.

Giraffes are 5 walls tall 6 to be safe




A Giraffe.png Giraffe is a great Thatch.png Thatch harvester, with a 6x harvesting bonus and a 25% reduced weight. Giraffes also harvest a lot of Berry.png Berry and Wild Vegetables.png Wild Vegetables, but only a small amount of Wood.png Wood. They cannot, however, harvest Stone.png Stone, Flint.png Flint or Cotton.png Fiber (except Bamboo.png Bamboo).

They have a few other nice benefits:

  • They can seat a driver and two other passengers, one on each side.
  • Their height provides a fog of war buff while riding.
  • They are fast.


In-game speed testing shows a Giraffe can sprint 500 meters in 30 seconds.

  • That is 60 KPH which is 37 MPH.
  • That is equal to a ship moving at 32 knots*.

Of course, your actual sustained travel speed will be determined by your mount's stamina and the obstacles in your path. While a Giraffe isn't the most agile animal out there, it's long legs can walk right over obstacles that would block shorter animals. They also allow it to walk right through some shallows that a shorter animal would have to swim through. Its heft will also allow a Giraffe to knock down trees and Bamboo.png Bamboo that might stop a lighter animal. And its stamina drains fairly slowly and it recovers its stamina extremely quickly.

* To see your ship's current speed in knots as a comparison, obtain a  Sextant buff.


Tier 3 Taming

Taming a Giraffe can be tricky because of their long, cleaving horizontal attacks while they are trapped in a bola.

You may feed the Giraffe a wild beet every 20 seconds when you approach their face. In most approaches, the Giraffe will swing his neck and try to headbutt you. The impact will cause a manageable amount of damage and knock you back.

Try to make sure you don't have any other wild, aggressive animals around. Sometimes the knockback from the Giraffe will hit you into an aggressive animal in the area which could potentially ruin your tame.

You will need either farmed Beet (best), Wild Beet or other Farming crops to tame it.

August 2020 : I was able to feed the Giraffe coming slowly up of her left side aiming for the mouth till I can feed it.

Here's a picture I took of the position I fed her.



You can breed Giraffes in the following biomes: Eastern Tropics, Western Tropics, Equator and High Desert. Acceptable temperatures for mating and offspring are between 26-44°C (79-111°F). Your newborn Giraffe will be ready for you to claim it after 5 hours and 45 minutes.

Feeding Baby[]

It will eat from its inventory one Chili.png Chili (or similar food) about every 45 seconds. A newborn can only carry enough weight to hold a few units of food so you won't be able leave for very long between feedings. Once it can hold more, each full stack should give you 1 hour and 15 minutes away from baby. Tested with berries, non-Vit A source, and it works fine too if chili's aren't available.

About maybe 6 hours and 20 minutes (discuss) after the baby is born, the maturation meter will reach 10% and the baby will become a juvenile. After that point, the young Giraffe will better handle temperature swings and it will be able to eat from a Feeding Trough.png Feeding Trough, allowing you to leave it alone for longer periods of time.

Keeping Baby Comfortable[]

When possible, arrange to raise the baby someplace that won't stay too far above its comfortable temperature range for too much of the day. It is easier to heat an area than it is to cool it, so keep that in mind when setting up your nursery for each species you breed.

To keep the baby warm enough, have plenty of Wood Wall Hook.png Wood Wall Hooks with Torch.png Torches in them mounted around the floors and walls in the fully enclosed area where you will be raising the baby. Maybe also install a Lever.png Lever set to the same PIN as the hooks so you can trigger them all at once if you like. This will help you keep your young pets alive during any cold spells.

If you need to cool the area, you will need to use Ice Box.png Ice Boxes. To power them, you will need to have visited a frigid region ahead of time and stockpiled enough Ice.png Ice to keep the boxes active until the heatwave passes.


Beyond the initial imprint when you claimed your newborn, you can also gain a very useful imprint bonus by cuddling with your new friend. The cuddle timer ("Wants Care In" timer) is eight hours. Cuddling or taking a walk with it as soon as possible each time the timer elapses will increase your new Giraffe's stats. It will also provide a nice rider buff once you can saddle it as an adult.

A 100% imprint will give an additional 30% damage and defence bonus while the pathfinder that imprinted on the animal is riding it. If you can't arrange to increase the imprint every eight hours, don't despair. You'll still get a bonus based on whatever imprint bonus you did get while raising your new little friend. For example, a 50% imprint bonus will still get you 15% more damage and defense; it's not an all-or-nothing thing.

Notes On Timing[]

Successfully raising a high-imprint offspring—or even just keeping your new buddy alive at all—can take quite a bit of time and good scheduling. So here is a rundown of the relevant times to be mindful of:

  • Mating time: 2 minutes
  • Gestation Time: 5 hours 45 Minutes
  • Baby feeding every 1 min 50 seconds
  • cuddle interval: 8 hours
  • 0.1% maturation = 143 seconds

on OFFICIAL Servers: to 10% approx 4 hrs


Lvl 1 Giraffe have these stats in patch V17.11

Health 287.6

Food 3000

Oxygen 150

Weight 1540

Stamina 380 (Increased to 440 in patch 18.84)

Damage 112.5


Giraffes can attack with long sweeping headbutts (Left Mouse Button), or with a stationary trample attack (right mouse button). They also possess a "trample" effect that will deal very slight damage to smaller animals you walk/sprint over.

Known Locations[]

You can find Giraffe.png Giraffe in the regions linked in the chart below. Please store specific location information in the pages for the regions where you have found it. (How To Add a Region)

1 F1 G1 H1 I1 J1 K1
2 B2 C2 D2 E2 F2 G2 H2 I2 J2 K2
3 B3 C3 E3 F3 G3 I3 J3 K3
4 D4 E4 F4 G4 H4 I4 J4 K4
5 B5 C5 H5 I5 J5 K5


  • The Giraffe is actually a modified model of a Kudu.