Ghost Ship
Ghost Ship.jpg
Common Name Ghost Ship
Group Bosses
Release version Steam.svg v1.0
Tameable Yes
Rideable No
Tame type Cheat
Other information
Spawns in Ocean
Rarity Unknown

Locating the Ghost Ship[]

You can start any point on the path at any time of day and sail counter-clockwise around the path.
Ghost ship route

Spawns in G7 every 6th hour (real time) and travels clockwise along the path.
Only visible between 20:24 and 05:15, although water ripple/spatter can be spotted during the daylight hours.

Ghost Ship by day. Water ripples.


Rewards the Ghost Hunter achievement.


The Ghost Ship has 100,000 HP and 26 cannons per side but no front or rear facing cannons.


To be able to kill the Ghost Ship one must first locate it, wait for it to enter a new region at nighttime (in game) before it will be able to take damage.

The easiest strategy to kill the Ghost Ship is to sail up behind it in ship with front-facing cannons and shot it from behind. Using medium cannons stay at in the foam trail after the Ghost Ship and your shots will hit. The reason for this strategy to be the easiest is that if you go too slow you will just fall behind. You can shoot it from the front using rear facing cannons but keep in mind that if you go to slow the side cannons will do substantial damage to your ship.

The Ghost Ship travels at a stable 5-6 knots according to the sextant and is not affected by the wind conditions.

Spawn Commands[]

For custom map editors, to get the Ghost Ship to spawn, add a ship path and edit it to:

Path Name: GhostShip

AutoSpawnEveryUTCInterval: 21600

AutoSpawnShipClass: Blueprint'/Game/Atlas/ShipPaths/PathFollowingGhostShip_BP.PathFollowingGhostShip_BP'

Loop around world: unchecked

Auto Spawn At First Node: checked

Edit Ship Path for Ghost Ship.png