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The in-game gamma setting determines the brightness you see on screen. Manipulating it can increase your comfort (for light-sensitive people), make it easier to function when it is nighttime in game or decrease the glare from fog. And it is not too difficult to change.

To change your gamma setting[edit | edit source]

Using commands:[edit | edit source]

  • Press ` to open the command console
  • Type "gamma", a space and any number between 0.5 and 5.0
    • Example: gamma 2.25
  • Press ↵ Enter

Using the options screen:[edit | edit source]

  • Press Esc
  • Click "options"
  • Find the "gamma correction" slider at the center-bottom of the screen
  • Slide it left or right
  • Click "apply"
  • Repeat sliding and applying until you reach a comfortable brightness