Freeports in the North, South, East & West

Freeports are one of the region types found in ATLAS used as a safe haven when creating a new character, recruiting or trading with NPC's for resources.

  • When you create a new Pathfinder, after dying or traveling via a bed you will have the option to spawn in a Freeport located in the new Rookie Cove region A1-D4 with zones B2, C2, B3, or C3 on in C5 (Tortuga), and the soon to be released (Cervantes). Each of the zones contain four islands listed as North, East, South, or West islands. These islands are completely identical except for their geographical orientation and each is rotated based on its cardinal direction.
  • Freeports are the intended starting area and are much easier to survive compared to other regions containing ample food and a supply of fresh drinking water.
  • PVP is disabled in Freeport zones, animals are not aggressive on land or sea and, are not as challenging as in regular zones, but they will defend themselves if attacked, resources are much more plentiful but the islands only contain the generic type of each resource, i.e Metal, Stone, Wood, but not Tin, Limestone or Ash, this is not important for new players, but advanced Blueprints later in the game will not accept them.
  • A new player's objective is to gather some Food, craft Tools and Weapons, and finally gather enough Resources to purchase a Raft.png Raft or Sloop.png Ramshackle Sloop (recommended but a more expensive option), and practice exploring without the dangers of diving into the full PVP/PvE world.
  • Once you have your first ship, it is wise to leave the Freeport region as soon as possible. Primarily because decay damage to Ships is much higher in a Freeport compared to Lawless or other claimable regions (see below for Decay information).


  • You cannot progress past level 8 while in a Freeport (some unofficial servers have this restriction disabled).
    • This should gain you ample stat points and skill points to learn the basic skills to craft basic items for survival and you can always respec the stats and skill points via the button on the character screen on each level up as needed.
  • You will not be able to return to the Rookie Cove map A1-D4 with any items/or via a ship once leaving via a portal but you can respawn on death or travel back there via a bed if you have previously placed one.



The Shipyardsman is an important NPC, as he exchanges supplies for either a Raft.png Raft or Sloop.png Ramshackle Sloop. It is advised to build a Simple Bed.png Simple Bed to place on your new sailing vessel. If you should meet your end at sea, this will allow you to respawn on your ship.



As noted previously decay rate is much higher in these regions.

  • For example, a Ramshackle Sloop will decay within 7-8 hours without repair.

Decay Rates:


Rookie Cove consists of the map region: A1-D4 square with the B2-C3 square designated as the freeports, the additional public Freeport (Tortuga) is located in region C5 and accessible via portals.

1 A1 B1 C1 D1
2 A2 B2 C2 D2
3 A3 B3 C3 D3
4 A4 B4 C4 D4
5 C5 C6



Desert Freeport