Food Poisoning

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Food Poisoning

Negative Buff.png
Condition Food Poisoning.png

Message: You are poisoned by food

HUD Text: You are poisoned by food

Info: Food Poisoning is a negative Status Effect given to players when they eat too much of one type or group of food orRotten Meat.

Effects: Similar to Vitamin Deficiency, Food Poisoning will give a blurred vision screen effect, and will cause you to pass out and eventually die.

Vectors: -1 HP per second

Cure: You need to drink water, milk, cocoa or other drink like ale...


  • Investing skill points in Vitamin Depletion Rate
  • You need to eat food from another group. Maybe you need to reduce your food first with using your stamina or reducing your health to trigger the health and stamina regeneration.
  • A Monkey could heal you over time and restore your health.