Flotsam are floating loot boxes encountered on the sea's of ATLAS. They appear as rotting wooden crates covered with barnacles and seaweed, and have an eerie glow about them. Flotsam readily spawns in the open ocean away from Islands.


Dictionary definition: flotsam noun

1 : floating wreckage of a ship or its cargo
broadly : floating debris

Patherfinder's can craft a Spyglass.png spyglass and unlock Sightseeing to aid in the search for flotsam. Most importantly a good vantage point from on high, such as the Crow's Nest or a raised platform, is the best spot to look for flotsam. The Sextant.png Sextant also buff the range at which you can spot flotsam.

Jump overboard and swim up to the flotsam pressing e to open and loot it. The Grappling Hook.png Grappling Hook can be used to haul floatsam from the sea. Always be mindful of how you approach with your ship as any collisions will destroy it.

Potential loot[]

Each flotsam will contain a mixture of the following items:


Quality determines the quantity and rarity of the items within. Quality is displayed as numeric value of 1 to 10 when close enough to interact. The color of the glow gives a rough idea of a flotsam's quality from a distance. Yellow indicates lower quality and purple higher (seems to be 5+ Quality unsure of exact limit).

Flotsamdrop 1.png

Example shown is quality 7.0.

Peril's of the Sea[]

Sharks can pose a serious threat to any unprepared Pathfinders Swimming at sea. Always look around the area before jumping in (Crafting aSpyglass.png spyglass helps). If you decide to fight in the water ideally bring along a Spear Launcher.png Spear Launcher.

Manta Ray sometime attack swimmers as well, however these are far less dangerous of a foe.