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Expert Shield Studies
Skill Expert Shield Studies.png
Precondition Improved Shield Studies

Improved Honed Edge

Precondition Improved Honed Edge
Cost 8 Skill Points

Armory in ATLAS are Skills learned by the player that allow them to effectively use Armor and defensive clothing and items. Those players wishing to increase their personal bodily defense will focus on this Skill Line. Below is a list of Armory Skill for ATLAS. This Skill Line is unlocked via the Construction & Mercantilism. Construction & Mercantilism Discipline. The Armory Armory Discipline.

You are now able to build Wooden Shield and Heavy Shield with Blueprints up to a Legendary Qualitiy .

  • Note that only player they learned the studies can use the legendary shield.

The Skill Expert Shield Studies unlocks the following items:[]


Additionally, it unlocks the following skills:[]