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Eber Image
Common Name Eber
Group Bosses
Nature Aggressive
Release version Steam v543
Tameable No
Rideable No
Tame type Cheat
Other information
Spawns in Golden Ruins
Rarity Rare

Eber is one of the Monsters in ATLAS and one of the seven mini-bosses of the Power Stone Islands.

This boss was introduced in Season 9 of Atlas and is a larger unique version of the Pig (see gallery below).

Basic Information[ | ]

Behavior[ | ]

The boar will be encountered standing still until it is provoked by a player. It will try to hit you with all its attacks as long as you are in its aggro range. If you leave its aggro range, it'll remain still again.

  • Per the patch notes: The Boar God. Even creatures have deities, and this one smells awful according to Pathfinders who have encountered it. They say it is a big, feral boar with rotting flesh and piercing eyes that roams the forest.

Appearance[ | ]

The boar is a larger red version of the Pig with red fur and large curved tusks.

Defeating the Boss[ | ]

This boss has high health but low damage. (LEVEL 410 Eber did 11 dmg to a Yeti per hit) Using tames with high damage such as yetis or tigers can take the boss out in a couple of minutes or less.

Spawn[ | ]

The Eber spawns on only one Powerstone Island marked on the map with Stone 4

  • Note the region will vary depending on the Server you are playing on and the number of grids on the map.
    • Mostly found on the larger part of the island. Use a tame to run around the island to find the big pig.

Gallery[ | ]