Grid Name Island Longitude Latitude Notes
L7 The Calmest Ait - - - -
L7 Way of the Dead The Calmest Ait 51.52 10.06 A gorge located under a large rock arch formation at the center of the island.
L7 One Fortified Hill The Calmest Ait 51.82 10.11 An unassuming hill located amongst some rock columns.
L7 A Hidden Dock The Calmest Ait 52.13 10.06 A small dock on the coast.
L7 Huntterel Island - - - -
L7 Whistlemoore Huntterel Island 55.91 11.17 A large rock arch in the north east of the island chain.
L7 Island's Jewel Huntterel Island 55.88 10.82 A lush secluded pond.
L7 Musrath Island - - - -
L7 Wandering Spirit Musrath Island 51.95 17.65 Head to the large stone column at the very north west of the island chain.
L7 Richpon Island - - - -
L7 The Cod Farm Richpon Island 57.05 13.92 Located near The Captain's House, just to the north.
L7 The Captain's House Richpon Island 57.11 13.73 Unassuming house located at the side of a high mountain lake. Climbing gear will make route easier.
L7 Hightop Mine Richpon Island 57.02 13.91 -
L7 Flower Dusted Path Richpon Island 56.92 13.64 Look for a mountaintop lake fed by four waterfalls. The point is located on the wall to the west. Climbing gear essential.
L7 A Grand Seaside Entry Richpon Island 56.76 13.83 Look to the southwest of the island for a gorge and a large stone arch.
L7 Neuver Island - - - -
L7 Betrayal Point Neuver Island 48.11 13.54 Located on a small islet on the very north west of the island.