Grid Name Island Longitude Latitude Notes
L7 The Calmest Ait - - - -
L7 Whistlemoore Huntterel Island 55.91 11.17 -
L7 Wandering Spirit Musrath Island 51.95 17.65 -
L7 The Cod Farm Richpon Island 57.05 13.92 A house next to a pool, just north of The Captain's House.
L7 The Captain's House Richpon Island 57.11 13.73 Next to a mountaintop pool near a waterfall. Hard to find, climbing gear will shorten the route.
L7 Richpon Island - - - -
L7 Neuver Island - - - -
L7 Musrath Island - - - -
L7 Island's Jewel Huntterel Island 55.88 10.82 -
L7 Huntterel Island - - - -
L7 Hightop Mine Richpon Island 57.02 13.91 A mine shaft located on the top of a very high rock formation. Is achievable on foot.
L7 Flower Dusted Path Richpon Island 56.92 13.64 South of the island. Find a mountain pool being fed by four waterfalls, a trail of flowers and a few houses are higher up on a wall to the west. Climbing gear required.
L7 Betrayal Point Neuver Island 48.11 13.54 -
L7 A Grand Seaside Entry Richpon Island 56.76 13.83 On the very southwest of the island, find a very large arch rock formation next to the sea.