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Grid Discovery name Longitude Latitude
H10 Smison Archipelago 42,14 -66,49
H10 Chesterlams Island 42,01 -73,98
H10 Gibliers Islet 41,48 -78,51
H10 Hillsjour Ait 37,23 -71,88
H10 The Cyan Essence of Power
H10 Captain Falk's Wall
H10 The Peaceful Village
H10 The Deep Pass
H10 A Perch for Sentinels
H10 The Spear Tower
H10 Lava Mounds
H10 Fields of Coral
H10 A Narrow Way
H10 Palace of the Deep
H10 The Prince's Perch
H10 Snowpike Isle 30,86 -69,87