Grid Name Island Longitude Latitude Notes
F7 Lamtos Key - - - -
F7 A Curious Place Lamtos Key -23.81 14.72 A picturesque ruined temple by the west coast of the island.
F7 Weathered Ruins Lamtos Key -22.61 15.31 Another coastal ruin in the center north of the island.
F7 Timeless Lamtos Key -23.07 15.25 The third coastal ruin discovery point on the northeast of the island.
F7 Clerbiens Atoll - - - -
F7 Altai Temple Clerbiens Atoll -29.73 9.77 A large stone column temple on the very south of the island. Follow the stairs.
F7 Altai Temple Remains Clerbiens Atoll -29.18 10.64 A ruined stone column temple on the east of the island. Mostly secluded by forest.
F7 Eroded Ruins Wasanora Island -24.89 16.89 -
F7 Jamstino Enclave - - - -
F7 The Temple Jamstino Enclave -24.73 11.95 A large stone column temple on the west of the biggest island.
F7 Solemn Shade Jamstino Enclave -24.20 13.12 A large rock arch formation on the very north of the island.
F7 Hillsjour Ait - - - -
F7 Golden Plains Peak Hillsjour Ait -29.46 15.37 The top of the tallest stone formation on the southeast of the island.