Grid Name Island Longitude Latitude Notes
E7 Radning Holm - - - -
E7 Barford Skerry - - - -
E7 Breech of the Seabeast Barford Skerry -43.08 11.24 A spot of jagged terrain in the valley located in the center of the island.
E7 The Best Oyster Pool Calwin Holm -40.18 15.93 Small fresh water pool on the east side of the island. Viewable from ATLAS map.
E7 Oyster Island - - -
E7 Gravelcouche Skerry - - -
E7 Ferhazy Haven - - -
E7 Giant's Drink Ferhazy Haven -37.20 11.17 Mountain lake atop the waterfall in the northeastern part of the island. Climbing gear essential.
E7 A Holy as it Gets Ferhazy Haven -38.15 9.99 Under an archway on the southwestern peninsula. Better approached from the south.
E7 Calwin Holm - - -
E7 Bucklers Way Gravelcouche Skerry -42.32 16.81 Small valley on the east side of the island