Negative Buff.png
Condition Dehydrated.png

Message: You are dehydrating

HUD Text: You are dehydrating

Info: Dehydrated is a negative Status Effect given to players when they do not drink enough.

Effects: Your character's stamina regeneration will be slowed drastically and you won't replenish health while dehydrated. While dehydrated, your torpor will continually rise until you pass out, and your health will continually drain until you die (usually after the second time of falling unconscious, depending how high your health stat is).


  • reduce Stamina
  • increase Torpor
  • -1 Health per second

Cure: You need to drink water, milk, cocoa or other drink like ale...

Notes: You get some damage in this time. It is possible you could die if the debuff takes too long. A Monkey could heal you over the time and get you alive a little time you eventually need to drink something.