Crewmember Image
Common Name Crewmember
Group Humans
Diet Omnivorous
Nature Varied
Release version Steam v1.0
Tameable Yes
Rideable No
Other information

The Crewmember is one of the Humans in ATLAS.

Basic Information[ | ]

Obtaining[ | ]

Crew Members can be obtained in two ways. You can hire Crew Members from a Crew Recruiter in any freeport for 5 Gold Coin Gold Coin. You can hire ten at a time if you have the gold. Only ten level 1 crew members can be in any Company at a given time. If you wish to hire more this way, you will need to level them past level 1 in order to free up slots. The second way to obtain Crew members is to defeat Ships of the Damned. Anywhere from one to five crew members will drop around the floatsam from destroyed ships. These can be hired for free for 24 hours, and from there behave like normal hired crew. The level of these crew members is based on the level of the sunken Ship of the Damned.

Behavior[ | ]

Crew Members operate different parts of a ship for a base salary of 1 Gold per 1.1 to 4.7 hours depending on their assigned task and the accommodations level of the ship. Crew Members act in a similar manner to tames, and will listen to group whistles as normal. However, if assigned any task, they will ignore group whistles like Follow All, but will listen to targeted whistles. To assign Crew Members to tasks it is easiest to change follow distance to low or lowest then walk to the task you wish to assign. Once near the task you hold options on the NPC and Choose "assign to" option. Crew Members can be assigned to a number of tasks: Man sails, artillery, elevators, chairs. If unassigned on a ship, they will repair the boat. More details below.

Utility[ | ]

Crew members on ship can be used to raise or lower the sails, orientate the sails, man the cannons, repair, and control other parts of the ship from a command station or steering wheel. On land they can be assigned to canons, gatling guns and elevators.

With a crew member assigned to the steering wheel an autopilot can be used on the steering wheel.

With a crew member assigned to the sails, you can control the sails from the helm by holding left shift and using a and d to turn the sails, and w and s to raise and lower the sails. To completely open the sails press space, to completely close the sails press z.

When ship is anchored outside a Freeport or Golden Age Ruin and crew is not assigned to any post, they will automatically begin to repair ship. This is signified by a sweeping animation. The cost of the repairs will come out of your ship's Ship Resources Box Ship Resources Box

When the crew levels up past level 30 if they are not assigned a task during combat or if the ship is stopped in the ocean the crew will do some repairs it will not however do complete repairs as if they were docked outside of the freeport. So for example if you were heavily damaged on a gunport and it was down to 1200 out of 5000, It would be repaired to 2500 as long as you have the required items in the Ship Resources Box Ship Resources Box which is useful for the solo player who can't be running around the ship and sailing it at the same time.

Artillery[ | ]

Crew members can also be assigned to cannons and other guns. Simply make the crew member follow you close to the cannon and hold E while looking at them, an option to assign the crew member to the cannon should be available. If placed on a gun hold e while looking at the gun to change targeting options. You can also assign a crew member to a turret or sail by pushing , while looking at the turret or mast, provided the crew member is free and you can see it's nameplate. A useful way to assign crew in towers is to place chairs within range and have the crew member sit on the chair, then unmount the crew member and pick the chair up, repeat this process until they are close to turrets.

Crew members can also be moved to nearby ships by holding e and using the wheel to select which boat you'd like them to be on, you can assign a free crew member from one boat to another, or have them board your ship from a distance. This also works for tamed animals near ships.

Cannons can be fired by the player using the wheel and holding the right mouse to target, then left mouse to fire.

If one crew member is assigned to a crank snapped to elevators track, you will have to option to call the elevator and to go up or down and stop anywhere you want without using the crank yourself.

Crew members can be equipped with weapons and armor to be used in combat. Note: only melee weapons, shields or crossbows can be used by crew members, and must be equipped to them manually.

Notes[ | ]

  • Crew members hourly salary can vary depending on which task they are appointed. The crew members cost also depend on the distance to the shore.
  • Put Gold Coin Gold Coin in Ship Resources Box Ship Resources Box to pay crew members and food in Food Larder Food Larder to feed them.
  • To have a crew member equip a melee weapon, place the weapon into the crew members inventory, mouse over it and push E.

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