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Cooking Unlock
Skill Cooking Unlock.png
Unlocks the Cooking & Farming discipline.
Precondition Water Keeper
Cost 2 Skill Points

Description[edit | edit source]

Cooking Unlock in ATLAS are Skills learned by the player that allow them to create Consumables and edible items from the environment around them to allow them to survive. Those players wishing to increase the yield of their crops or create more efficient and healthy foods will focus on this Skill Line. This Cooking & Farming Cooking & Farming Discipline is unlocked via a skill within the Survivalism SurvivalismDiscipline.

There is no greater a position on a ship, in a community, or even at a grand palace, than the position of the cook. Often Masters of both agriculture and animal husbandry, the cook is the greatest source of morale, survival, and health, that there is. Teach someone to cook, and they can feed the world.

The Skill Cooking Unlock unlocks the following items[edit | edit source]


Additionally, it unlocks the following skills[edit | edit source]

Cooking & Farming Icon InGame Cost to unlock entire category: 58

Unlocked by Survivalism
Skill Provides Items Unlocked Cost Precondition
Gives access to unlock the Cooking & Farming Discipline 2
Gives access to crafting the Cooking Pot.png Cooking Pot 1
Gives access to crafting the Barrel.png Water Barrel and Water Jar.png Water Jar . 2
Overeating Damage -10% 1
Cooking Speed +20% 1
Unlocks Tier 1 Recipes for cooking 1
Gives access to crafting Basic Farming and Irrigation Tools. 1
Overeating Damage -20% 2
Cooking Speed +20% 4
Unlocks Tier 2 Recipes for cooking 5
Gives access to crafting a Preserving Bag.png Preserving Bag , and Preserving Salt.png Preserving Salt . 1
Soil Growth Bonus +20% 1
Overeating Damage -30% 8
Cooking Speed +15% 8
Unlocks Tier 3 Recipes for cooking 8
Gives access to crafting larger and more efficient farming structures. 2
Soil Growth Bonus +20% 2
Gives access to crafting the Grill. 2

Soil Growth Bonus +20% 6
Once every 6 hours the chef activate this, and produce a dish of tremendous complexity
(requires all the resources in their own inventory).
Enables Unthinkable Delicacy in the Use Feat Bar Unthinkable Delicacy Icon