In Atlas you can create your own company. With your own company you can recruit different players to form an organization. With a company you can make alliances with other companies to declare a bond of peace with each other.

How it works[]

Company overview[]

In the company overview, you can see different tabs. These tabs are to edit the company, toggle showing which players of the company are online, to manage the crew groups and to manage alliances.

You can also promote and demote members in the company overview as well as kick a member or leave the company yourself. If you are the company owner you can hand the rights of the company to another member by transferring the ownership.

Crew log[]

In the crew log, you can check the recent activities of the company, for example; structures/ships built or destroyed, players joining or leaving company or killed, creatures tamed or killed, and the locations of all listed events.


In the governance section, you can change different settings. These settings can determine what a member is allowed to do and how structure ownership works.


To merge a company, a member of the primary company invites the owner of the secondary company to join their company. The owner of the secondary company then has the option to either join or merge into the existing company. All assets and structures merges into the primary companies ownership, except the secondaries crew resource silo contents, and the other Players, who will need to be invited individually.

Top Companies Bonus[]

Requires Confirmation on if this carried over into the 100.01/Mega-Update 1.5

Per Captains Log 19/Patch 18.15 Update[]

  1. Large companies are very much still a major part of the vision we hold for ATLAS. We believe that being able to conquer and maintain large territories is an important part of the game and we’ll be rewarding those who are able to do so. By this weekend, we’ll have released a patch that does the following:
  2. List current top 5 companies in-game on the map (names, soon to be flags)
  3. Have a historic archive of companies for when they ruled the ATLAS, using both in-game days and real-life time
  4. Special Cosmetic Icons will be given to members of top 5 companies, which can be turned off on a per-user basis
  5. Unique Cosmetic Figureheads will be granted to the top 5 companies and will remain persistent as long as the company maintains their ranking within the top 5