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Commodities Vendor
Commodities Vendor
Common Name Commodities Vendor
Group Humans
Nature Oblivious
Release version Steam v1.0
Tameable No
Rideable No
Other information
Spawns in Freeport
Rarity Common

The Commodities Vendor is one of the Humans in ATLAS.

Basic Information[ | ]

Behavior[ | ]

The Commodities Vendor stands in Freeports, and on Merchant Ships, where he is called "Tradeship Vendor".

Utility[ | ]

You can obtain Resources from this NPC. All resources have a base type (such as Fibers or Metal) and a sub-type (such as Cotton or Cobalt), this vendor will trade 50 base type items for an equivalent amount of any other sub-type for a small fee of 50-150 Gold Coins. Most of the available options per item type will be 50 gold, and one will be 150, possibly depending on the zone.

Notes[ | ]

  • You cannot attack any of the human NPCs in Freeports, including the Commodities Vendor.
  • The location of vendors changes in each different zones' Freeport, but will be the same on any island within the zone.

Gallery[ | ]