This substance can be used to color certain items and structures.
Type Tool
Weight 0.1
Stack size 100
Single use Yes
Added in v1.0
Spawn Command
Crafting Time 10s
Crafted in Cooking Pot.png Cooking Pot
Grill.png Grill
Crafting Yields 5 Pieces
Resources breakdown
1 × Water.png Water
5 × Berry.png Berry

Coloring is used for coloring items in ATLAS.

Colorings currently act like a wood stain, applying a tint but leaving the natural color and texture visible. ATLAS promotional material suggests that bolder colorings may be planned. Note that not all colorings have been fully implemented during early access.


Coloring may be crafted in the Cooking Pot.png Cooking Pot or Grill.png Grill from Berry.png Berry and a filled Water.png Water container. Recipes may be found in the Dyes folder of the crafting window.

Note that each craft of Coloring consumes all the water in the container used. As a result, using Waterskins wastes less water.


Items such as Armor and Lantern.png Lanterns may be colored in the player's inventory by dragging the vial of Coloring onto the item.

Structures such as the Stone Floor.png Stone Floor or Wood Roof.png Wood Roof may be colored with a Paintbrush.png Paintbrush or Spray Painter.png Spray Painter. The front and rear faces of structures such as walls have different region numbers and thus can be painted with different colors.


The following image illustrates colored building structures.

Colored structures.jpg

Available Colors[]

The ARK Wiki has a color table available, as well.

Dye Name Color
Alizarin Red Ink.png Alizarin Red #d2323e
Aubergine Brown Ink.png Aubergine Brown #3b302e
Black Ink.png Black #020202
Blackberry Ink.png Blackberry #431b2f
Blackcurrant Ink.png Blackcurrant #1f172f
Blue Ink.png Blue #0000ff
Blue Whale Ink.png Blue Whale #0c3245
Brick Ink.png Brick #841f27
Bright Red Ink.png Bright Red #8d2532
Brown Ink.png Brown #2e1e0f
Cantaloupe Ink.png Cantaloupe #fea620
Cerulean Ink.png Cerulean #0078ac
Chateau Green Ink.png Chateau Green #468658
Conifer Green Ink.png Conifer Green #a1d65f
Cyan Ink.png Cyan #01ffff
Dark Pink Ink.png Dark Pink #c84895
Gold Ink.png Gold #ffd309
Green Ink.png Green #00ff00
Indigo Ink.png Indigo #7824fa
Light Sea Green Ink.png Light Sea Green #18ada5
Madang Green Ink.png Madang Green #b2d4a3
Magenta Ink.png Magenta #ff00ff
Mango Ink.png Mango #da7718
Mineral Gray Ink.png Mineral Gray #5e6462
Mud Ink.png Mud #2b2722
Napa Brown Ink.png Napa Brown #a39581
Navy Ink.png Navy #000080
Olive Ink.png Olive #808000
Orange Ink.png Orange #ff3f00
Orange Peel Ink.png Orange Peel #f19a23
Orient Blue Ink.png Orient Blue #1f5670
Paco Brown Ink.png Paco Brown #4f4641
Parchment Ink.png Parchment #ffff7f
Pink Ink.png Pink #ff33c2
Pohutukawa Red Ink.png Pohutukawa Red #5f1c33
Purple Ink.png Purple #5300bf
Red Ink.png Red #ff0000
Royalty Ink.png Royalty #530073
Selective Yellow Ink.png Selective Yellow #f1b61e
Shalimar Yellow Ink.png Shalimar Yellow #f9f4ae
Silver Ink.png Silver #bfbfbf
Sky Ink.png Sky #7aaaff
Slate Ink.png Slate #778899
Snow White Ink.png Snow White #fdf3f2
Swamp Purple Ink.png Swamp Purple #382c39
Tan Ink.png Tan #ffd873
Tangerine Ink.png Tangerine #6c2105
Watercourse Green Ink.png Watercourse Green #14704b
White Ink.png White #fdfdfd
Yellow Ink.png Yellow #ffff00

Color Palettes for Image Editing Software[] contains three files to assist in creating images using the ATLAS colors:

  • ATLAS_Adobe_Color_Table.act (use in Photoshop for creating indexed color images)
  • ATLAS_Adobe_Swatches.ase (use to import color swatches into Photoshop, Illustrator, and other Adobe software)
  • (an Adobe Illustrator file with all the colors)

Atlas-Game-Dye-Palette.gpl Color palette for use with GIMP - GNU Image Manipulation Program

Tattoos & Claim Flags[]


I think PlayAtlas has a very nice tutorial

Claim Flags[]

Anyone who has tried to convert a picture in Ark knows the easy way how to get a Claim Flag in ATLAS .

You need a picture with 256x256 Pixels.

The finished picture should be uploaded to a pnt converter or you can save the picture with your Program as a .pnt file.

You can also use the ARKpnt converter.

If you use the converter you need to download and save the file. For example, <Name>_ClaimingFlag_IslandSettlement_C.png

In the game directory "\steamapps\common\ATLAS\ShooterGame\Saved\MyPaintings"

If everything went well, you should choose the painting when you use the brush to paint the flag.

File names[]

  • Small sails and raft sail: [YOUR-CUSTOM-NAME]_SailGeneric_C.pnt
  • Medium sails: [YOUR-CUSTOM-NAME]_SailDouble_C.pnt
  • Large sails: [YOUR-CUSTOM-NAME]_SailTriple_C.pnt
  • Claim flag: [YOUR-CUSTOM-NAME]_ClaimingFlag_IslandSettlement_C.pnt
  • Custom flag: [YOUR-CUSTOM-NAME]_ClaimingFlag_IslandSettlement_C.pnt
  • Wooden billboard: [YOUR-CUSTOM-NAME]_Sign_Large_Wood_C.pnt
  • Wooden Buoy: [YOUR-CUSTOM-NAME]_Sign_Buoy_Wood_C.pnt
  • Lighthouse: [YOUR-CUSTOM-NAME]_StructureBP_Lighthouse_C.pnt
  • Small canvas: [YOUR-CUSTOM-NAME]_Sign_PaintingSmallCanvas_C.pnt
  • Medium canvas: [YOUR-CUSTOM-NAME]_Sign_PaintingMediumCanvas_C.pnt
  • Large canvas: [YOUR-CUSTOM-NAME]_Sign_PaintingLargeCanvas_C.pnt