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Food +5
Vitamin A Vitamin A.png +5
Weight .1
Stack size 100
Decomposes in 2h 24m
Added in v1.0
Spawn Command

Chili is a cultivated crop and recipe ingredient in ATLAS.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Chilis may be eaten raw to increase Vitamin Vitamin A.png A and is a cooking ingredient in Dragon's Tongue Delight.png Dragon's Tongue Delight, Jac's Beef Buns.png Jac's Beef Buns and Robert's Spiced Rum.png Robert's Spiced Rum.

Taming[edit | edit source]

Chilis are the preferred food of Ostriches. They are slightly more effective than Wild Chili.png Wild Chili.

Location[edit | edit source]

Chili may only be acquired via Farming.

Chili Seed.png Chili Seed may be acquired by harvesting Wild Chili.png Wild Chili

For locations, see Wild Chili.

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