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Chat in ATLAS is a Gameplay Mechanic that allows players to communicate. There are 5 tabs: All (shows all tabs at once), Global (region chat) Company, Alliance and Local (proximity).

It is inversible but if you write or somebody else the chat get visible in the HUD

To toggle the chat use the following keys:

Chat Key
Push To Talk b
Toggle Chatbox \
Local Chat insert
Switch Tabs tabulator
Read upper text

You can switch threw the chat tabs. And read older message with the page up and down buttons.

Smileys are integrated. If you write :) it will converted in a smiley. You can expand the smiley with Emotes

In Playatlas Map you can see the most effective companies on your server. If you ever wonder why you see a small symbol in the Chat before the Name of the writer it means that he is in such a company.

Gold Icon.png
1th Place on the Playatlas most active Company
Silver Icon.png
2nd Place on the Playatlas most active Company
Bronze Icon.png
3rd Place on the Playatlas most active Company
Rock Icon.png
4th Place on the Playatlas most active Company
Wood Icon.png
5th Place on the Playatlas most active Company

When you achieve ranks 1-5 of Rank with your Company on Playatlas you can unlock and buy Special Figureheads for your ships to show everyone how great you are.

Patch History[edit | edit source]

Patch Notes
  • Whispering voice hotkey [* [numpad] key]
  • Server side config that allows you to alter the distance for the 3 voice modes: Whispering, Normal, and Yelling.

Game.ini: [/script/shootergame.shootergamemode] ProximityRadius = 8500 YellingRadius = 22000 WhisperRadius = 2000

  • Fixed chat scrolling, so it now works again with Page Up and Page Down
  • Fixed an edge case where voice chat would stop working unless the client relogged
19.62 Added chat tabs
9.3 Fixed alliance chat sometimes duplicating messages