Character Controls

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Action Default Key Notes
Move Forward w
Move Backward s
Strafe Left a
Strafe Right d
Run ⇧ Left Shift
Jump spacebar
Crouch c
Prone x
Toogle Sprint ⇧ Right Shift
Hold To Walk Left Ctrl
Turn Right
Turn Left
Look Up
Look Down
Toggle Selfie Camera Right Ctrl
Toggle Orbit Camera k
Zoom Camera In Unassigned
Zoom Camera Out Unassigned
Toggle Fists q
Fire / Attack Left Controls
Iron Sights / Alt Fire / Attack Right Controls
Block Hold:Left Ctrl Hold and use left/right mouse
Reload r Also toggles combat mode
Melee Special Attack / Pistol Whip Controls
Fire Secondary Controls
Fire Tertiary Controls↑ scroll up
Fire Quaternary Controls↓ scroll down
Toggle Weapon Attachment n
Items and Inventory
Use e
Your Inventory i
Access Target Inventory f
Your Craftables Unassigned
Company Manager l
Upgrade Item u
Drop Item o
Detailed Info Toggle q
Craft Slot Item (Modifier) Right Alt
Use Slot Item 1 1
Use Slot Item 2 2
Use Slot Item 3 3
Use Slot Item 4 4
Use Slot Item 5 5
Use Slot Item 6 6
Use Slot Item 7 7
Use Slot Item 8 8
Use Slot Item 9 9
Use Slot Item 10 0
Place Object e Once Outline Is Blue Controls or Controls to cancel
Cycle Object Type t
Cycle Snap Points q
Toggle Chatbox Autohide \
Local Chat insert
Company Chat /
Push To Talk b
Hold to Yell delete
Hold to Whisper p
Whistle Selection '
Whistle "All Move To" ,
Whistle "All Aggressive" - (Subtract)
Whistle "All Follow Me" j
Whistle "All Stay Put" u
Whistle "You Follow Me" t
Whistle "You Stay Put" y
Whistle "Attack My Target"
Whistle "All Neutral" - (Hyphen)
Whistle "All Passive" ';' (Semi-Colon)
Whistle "Attack This Target" .
Show Feats g
Use Feat 1 f1
Use Feat 2 f2
Use Feat 3 f3
Use Feat 4 f4
Use Feat 5 f5
Use Feat 6 f6
Use Feat 7 f7
Use Feat 8 f8
Use Feat 9 f9
Use Feat 10 f10
Defecate + While Mounted on Tame
Drag Body v
Map m
Zoom in Map +
Zoom out Map -
Place Map Marker Unassigned
Toggle Console ~
Toggle HUD ← Backspace
Extended HUD Info h
Emote Key 1 [
Emote Key 2 ]
Cycle Target Follow Distance NumPad 0
Order Add / Remove Tame z
Set Gamma 1 Unassigned Requires server permission + specified value
Set Gamma 2 Unassigned Requires server permission + specified value