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Common Name Cat
Group Mammals
Diet Carnivorus
Nature Spooky
Release version Steam.svg v1.0
Tameable Yes
Rideable No
Taming method Go prone and approach cat
Tame type Permanent
Preferred Food Milk.png Milk
Other information
Spawns in Freeport
Rarity Uncommon

Cats are one of the NPC Mammals in ATLAS.

Basic Information[]


Currently, cats can be found wandering around the freeport docks in the latest mega patch update V3. Upon sensing the player they will spook and jump into the air before scampering away at high speeds.

After taming, they will sit with their tail curled around them, when in hunting mode they will wiggle and make a pouncing motion, they can also be picked up and will ride on your shoulder. See Gallery


Tricolored: Many color variations are seen in freeports, See Gallery

An example would be :Main Body Brown, Black Chest, Red stripe down the back and rings on the tail

This animal also has a cosmetic head slot in its inventory screen that head slot armor items can be dragged - tested with cloth hat.





Tamable in Freeport. Place Milk.png Milk, Prime Fish Meat.png Prime Fish Meat, or Fish Meat.png Fish Meat into the last item slot and you will get the option to feed by pressing e when you sneak close enough and go into prone mode with x to the animal. You will have to wait until it is hungry again to feed it. Stay prone the whole time or it will startle. Continue this process as the cat walks around.

The Milk is by far the most preferred food. One cat tamed at 18% per milk during the 2x taming event.

The cat is very easily spooked from a large distance even with sneaking level 3 currently and crouching, only going prone will make it ignore you.


This animal has a new behavior mode called Hunting on the action wheel menu with the following options:

Hunt for Bugs - Cat will obtain a giant ant worth 10 Chitin.png Keratinoid
Hunt for Fish - Cat will obtain 10 raw fish meat. Cat needs to be close to water or partially in water (ocean, creek), but still able to stand in order to catch fish.
Hunt for Rodent.png Rodents - Cat will obtain 1 rodent (consumable - meat). Eating a rat may give you a debuff called 'Rodent Plague.' "You grow weary and your temperature fluctuates as your health and stamina decrease!"

When hunting mode is activated, the cat will stay stationary but periodically assume a 'pounce' position. It will take several minutes to catch anything. Once it has caught something, press 'e' on the cat to take the prey.


Having a tamed cat on your shoulder does not give any bonus as of patch 3.15.15


Gestation 3 Hour 30 Min Breed-able in Equator, Low Desert and Western temperate, Tundra, other biomes unknown, Optimal temp range from about 17c to 34c. Kitten will eat cooked and uncooked meat and fish, as well as milk.

Can not claim Kitten with Parrot on shoulder.(have not tested other shoulder pets).

Baby To Juvenile = 4hours 5mins 30seconds

Kitten eats 1 raw fish/meat about every 45 seconds and cooked fish/meat every 30 seconds, Milk every 5 seconds

Kitten can hold about 7 fish to start.

8 hour time until imprint.

Temperature range 63f (17°C) to 92f (34°C).

Around 4 hours from infant to juvenile.

Around 300 raw meat to reach juvenile not taking in to account rotting.

Around 640 raw meat per 8 hours.


Cats have no direct attack but will flee/move quickly when spooked

Known Locations[]

Currently only spawns on Freeport islands located in Rookie Cove consists of the map region: A1-D4 square with the B2-C3 square designated as the freeports, the additional public Freeport (Tortuga) is located in region C5.

1 A1 B1 C1 D1
2 A2 B2 C2 D2
3 A3 B3 C3 D3
4 A4 B4 C4 D4
5 C5


Note: The cat has a nine lives system in place (observed when cat drowned and message popped up on screen three times) number of lives left displayed as orange number under name


Patch Updates[]

V315.20 - Keratin farmed per minute on cat reduced to 10 (from 40)