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Vitamin A Vitamin A.png
Added in v1.0
Spawn Command


Carrot.png Carrots are a cultivated consumable you can grow in a Small Crop Plot.png Small Crop Plot and they are a recipe ingredient in ATLAS.


Your pathfinder can eat Carrot.png Carrots and other types of Vegetable.png Vegetables to fill some Food.png Food and to recover some Vitamin A.png Vitamin A.


Carrot.png Carrot is required to make:

And you can use Carrot.png Carrot or any other type of Vegetable.png Vegetables to make:


Carrot.png Carrot is the preferred taming food for Rabbit.png Rabbit. As with all Vegetable.png Vegetables, you can also use Carrot.png Carrot to tame—at a lower effectiveness—the following: Bear.png Bear, Bull/Cow, Elephant.png Elephant, Giraffe.png Giraffe, Horse.png Horse, Ostrich, Pig and Rhino.png Rhino.


You can grow Carrot.png Carrots in a Small Crop Plot or a Large Crop Plot placed on the following biomes and soils:

  • Desert: Dirt, Grass, Leaves, Thatch, and Wood.
  • Equatorial: Dirt, Grass, and Leaves.
  • Temperate: Dirt, Grass, Leaves, Thatch, and Wood.
  • Tundra: Leaves, Thatch, and Wood.

Carrot Seed.png Carrot Seed may be acquired by harvesting Wild Carrot.png Wild Carrot

For locations, see Wild Carrot.

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