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Cargo Harness
Skill Cargo Harness.png
Gives access to the crafting of Cargo Saddles for transporting Weapons and goods.
Precondition Riding Tier 2
Cost 2 Skill Points


The Cargo Harness skill unlocks the crafting ability of Tier 2 Cargo Saddle.png Tier 2 Cargo Saddle under the Beastmastery Beastmastery Discipline tree.

The Tier 2 Cargo Saddle.png Tier 2 Cargo Saddle is a type of saddle that allows the user to ride the tame and place different items on the empty cart behind the tame. Currently as of v405.9 only the Bear and Horse can be equipped with the Tier 2 Cargo saddle.

The Skill Cargo Harness unlocks the following items[]

Tier 2 Cargo Saddle.png Tier 2 Cargo Saddle


  • A Large Storage Box can be attached to the cart behind the tame. This combination reduces weight in the large storage box by 0.33x on land. When your tame is on a ship, the weight is no longer reduced until the tame is moved off the ship.
  • A Water Barrels can be attached to and removed from the saddle platform.
  • Allows a single Swivel Gun or Medium Ship Cannon to be attached to the saddle platform, facing forward or backwards. Attached weapons can only be used by friendly players (prior to v18.84 Crew could be used).