Builds for MMO Game Atlas are suggested combinations of Disciplines and Skills, perhaps also with suggestions for Armor, Weapons and even mounts or ship styles. Different builds permit different playstyles and will appeal to different players, so try out a few until you find one that fits - or add your own if you think you've come up with a great combination!

"If someone exists in the real world, they should be creatable in ATLAS!"

Your First Raft[]

Whether you get a raft for half price through a Shipyard NPC in a Freeport region or recruit Grendel to farm out the matts himself you can build your own at your Tiny Shipyard, it can take a little practice getting used to making your raft go where you want. It is important to recognize that you have no rudder on your raft, and that the raft simply turns in the direction of the sail. The second thing to notice is that you can select how much of the sail is in use by 10% increments, or going full open or full close. The raft icon on your screen has a couple symbols to pay attention to: an incomplete circle (like a capital C) and an arrow. The open circle represents the direction your sail is facing. The arrow displays the direction the wind is blowing, while the length of the arrow gives you an idea for how hard the wind is blowing. That's all you've got to control this thing. Seems simple enough? Turn the sail so it catches the wind and you'll notice the open circle turn green in color. The more the angle turns away from catching the wind, the more the open circle will change color, from green to yellow, yellow to orange, and finally to red. You'll find yourself at a dead stop if the icon is red. You're ready to set out on the sea, to explore a distant land, or meet up with friends in the next region over. But wait...the wind is blowing the opposite direction of where you want to go! With no rudder, how can you possibly travel to your destination? In reality, if you were to turn your sail backwards, the wind would simply and awkwardly push your watercraft backwards. In Atlas, however, a Raft always must travel forward when its sail catches wind, even if the sail is backwards. Let's say the wind is blowing directly at the front of your raft. You set your sail to 157.5, almost all the way backwards to the right. As the sail rotates around to catch the wind, your raft will begin to accelerate forward, into the wind, as it slowly makes a wide right turn in order for the raft to swing around and face the same direction as the sail. Around the time the wind arrow has reached 135 degrees (back right), you should now change your sail to -157.5, almost backwards to the left side. As your sail rotates around to the left side, there are a few seconds where your speed drops to nothing. Moments later, however, the backwards turned sail will catch the wind once again, and your raft will launch forward once more, slowly turning left in an effort to match the sail. Around the same angle (45 degrees left of straight back, or back-left) cut the sail around to the right again. By zig-zagging left and right across the wind like this, you are essentially traveling in the direction you originally intended, just with minor deviations in angle and speed as you go. This method is faster than the traditional method of simply trying to find the best angle possible and sailing upwind, going way out of your way, then to come back in at another angle. Keep in mind that if the wind is not blowing directly against your raft, then the angle you need to change your sail to the other side will differ from the 135 / -135 degree marks. With some practice under your belt, you'll become a rafting pro in no time.

Bigger Ships[]

Your first Home building[]

This page contains guides to build different structure-components. You need the skill Basics of Building from the skill Construction & Mercantilism tree to require Template:Item List. The Secrets of Building content the Template:Item List. To build with more lifetime for your buildings. At the end the maximum is Stone building. You need to unlock the Skill Esotery of Building to get the Items Template:Item List If you mix every building style you could make some very impressing house base, trading base or water base.

Foundation lowering/raising techniques[]

Foundations can only snap to each other on the same height which can be inconvenient (especially if you want to build on uneven ground). The following methods can be used to lower or raise your foundation in case there is something obstructing your building (or any other application where lowering/raising snap points is required) The Thath buildings have no pillar contain. You need to use Template:Item Link or Template:Item Link

Fast lowering (fastest & cheapest way)[]

  1. Place a Pillar on the ground.
  2. Place an additional Pillar right next to the first one (only half a tile away) and use the lower snap point
  3. Destroy the first Pillar (else the game will make it harder for you to place the next Pillar lowered further)
  4. Place a new Pillar in the place where the first one (from Step 1) was, this gives you the second lowered snap point.
  5. Destroy the Pillar from Step 2 and you're back at the original position, only two steps lower to the ground.
  • Tip - - You will be able to pick up the pillars in a short period of time, around 30 seconds to be exact., if you happen to mess up.

Slow lowering (if you only want it one at a time)[]

  1. Place a Foundation on the ground
  2. Place a Pillar into the Foundation
  3. Place a Foundation next to the 1st Foundation and use the lower snap point


  1. Place a Foundation on the ground
  2. Place two Pillars on top of the Foundation
  3. Place two Ceilings next to each other onto the upper Pillar
  4. Place two Pillars down onto the 2nd Ceiling (the one yet without a Pillar) and make sure to use the upper snap point for the 2nd Pillar!
  5. Place a Foundation next to the Pillars from Step 4 (Note that it has to be able to reach the ground in order to enable the raised snap point.

Trading Buildings[]

You could do the same how Building Guides#Your first Homebuilding to build a little house with Storage Box.png Storage Box or Ship Resources Box.png Ship Resources Box to exchange your stuff.


It is not easy to build the perfect harbors. Watch out that you let enough place for your own ships and other ships they want to visit or trade with you. Make sure you can move with your ships without collision with other ships, foundation or the ground. Use some Buoy.png Buoy to show other people where the dangerous in your area are. You can use some Large doors to make sure that nobody could park in front of your ships but please do not use it to take everybody out. A lot of people need to travel to get Treasure. If you close every part from your building or harbor it could make it difficult for others to anchor the ship or to visit the island with the Creatures they need.