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In ATLAS a boost to some Stats can be granted, this boosts are called Buffs. Some Buffs are easier to obtain then other, most of them have a unique way to earn them:

  • Equilibrium.png Equilibrium - Manage Vitamins
    • Fortitude: +30
    • Melee Damage Multipier: +20%
    • Movement Speed: +10%
  • Rejuvenated - permanent Buff for rejuvenate at the Fountain of Youth
Stat Level 1.0 Level 2.0 Level 3.0
Melee Damage Multiplier +10.0 +5.0 +5.0
Health +10.0 +5.0 +5.0
Stamina +10.0 +5.0 +5.0
Weight +10.0 +5.0 +5.0
Health Regeneration +10.0 +5.0 +5.0
Stamina Regeneration +10.0 +5.0 +5.0
  • Obtained through Skills like:
    • Projectile Weapon Damage (bow)
    • Vitamin Depletion Rate (decrease)
    • ...

Display of Buffs

Buff Character.jpg

Some are included in the green text box (Picture above), but some (like food) are displayed at the bottom right of the screen.

When added to the green text, multiple occurrence of the same stat are displayed as a total.

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