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Type Weapon
Ammo used Stone Arrow Flame Arrow
Magazine size 1
Weight 7
Stack size 1
Durability 40
Added in v1.0
Spawn Command
Skill Tree Archery Unlock
Crafted in Inventory.png Inventory
Resources breakdown
60 × Cotton.png Fibers
6 × Skin.png Hide
22 × Wood.png Wood
  • To make a Bow, you will need to unlock the Archery and Throwing Weapons Skill from the Survival Skill Tree and then purchase the skill Basics of the bow, this allows crafting of a bow and stone arrows.
  • To equip a type of arrow, drag the item from your inventory and drop it onto the bow, this will now display the type of ammo as an icon in the upper right.
  • Very handy as a starter weapon to attack animals at a distance, or attacking from range from a vantage point.

Skill Boosts[]

When combined with the additional skill unlocks from the Archery Skill tree, new ammunition types are unlocked for crafting, increased damage and drawn weapon shake can be reduced.

Skill Description
Secrets of the Bow Gives access to crafting a number of advanced types of arrows Flame Arrow.png Flame Arrow
Steady Aim Drawn projectile weapon shake: -20%
Strong Arm Projectile weapon damage +10%
Piercing Shot Grants feat: Piercing Shot
Improved Strong Arm Skill stat bonuses: projectile weapon damage +20% ( not guns )
Improved Steady Aim Skill stat bonuses: Drawn projectile weapon shake -40% ( Bow/spear )
Advanced Strong Arm Skill stat bonuses: Projectile weapon damage +30% ( not guns )
Advanced Steady Aim Skill stat bonuses: Drawn projectile weapon shake -60% ( bow/spear )
Improved Piercing Shot Grants feats: Piercing Shot


Depending on the ammo type used, the durability of the bow will be reduced

  • Stone Arrows now stack to 60 and a bow can fire them 60 times before breaking
  • Fire Arrows now stack to 40 and a bow can fire them 40 times before breaking