Blueprints are consumable recipes for a specific item which produce items of a higher Item Rarity. As well as having higher base stats, items crafted with Blueprints Items can be Upgraded.


To craft an item from a blueprint you must possess the skills to craft it normally. They will not allow crafting without the appropriate skill being unlocked. When Crafting with a blueprint items will require specific types of Resources. Not every region posses every type of Resource thus exploration and travel to other regions coupled with trade will be required to craft higher quality gear.


For instance in the example Fine Medium Wooden Gate blueprint above Silk is required instead of generic Fiber. Blueprint can also require two types of unique resources. As is the case of Metal both Copper and Iridium are required.

Each blueprints can craft only a specific object, if the item normally requires a crafting structure (e.g. Smithy.png Smithy) the blueprint must be placed in that structure to be crafted. Each blueprint will have a limited number of uses, listed in the center right of the blueprint icon on the inventory screen. When Crafting normally an item of Normal rarity is produced with "Base" Stats. However, item quality above Common will have improved stats (better health, more durability, improved armor, etc).

Note: While blueprints of higher qualities will require multiple types of resources, once crafted, they can be repaired with a single type/generic resources.

Finding Blueprints[]

You can obtain Blueprints in several ways:

The Item Rarity of blueprints roughly corresponds to the rarity of the flotsam or treasure. It can vary +/-1 rarity level.

Intelligence Bonus[]

The level of your pathfinder's Intelligence is used to calculate a Crafting Bonus. As long as your pathfinder has above 100% intelligence a Crafting Bonus will be applied to every item made with a blueprint.

Parameter (ranges) altered by Blueprints[]

Kummba12 (talk) 06:58, 16 May 2019 (UTC) It seems to me that the stats ceiling is determined by the quality of the Map/floatsom. A bp from a 24 map can be better then a bp from a 16 map.

It seems there is a general range for each Item Rarity with 100% Basevalue:

  • 100-115
  • 100-130
  • 108-145
  • 120-160
  • 130-185
  • 140->250?

This is applied to Durability, Insulation(s), Armor Value and Weapon Damage. Other Buff Stats on Armor have lower max values (see Stamina). Melee Damage may even be only half of this. It seems (guesstimate/ highly speculative) each possible Stat is rolled on its own, independent from other rolls of the Item. Max Crafts / Max Updates are more Item Type specific then Item Rarity specific.

As of Patch 18.84


Values gathered from Weapons / Tools Blueprints before and after 18.84

Parameter Range Common Range Fine Range Journeyman Range Masterwork Range Legendary Range Mythical
Tools Weapons Crafts Remaining 1-7 2-6 2-6 1-8 2-6 1-3
Tools Weapons Max Upgrades 0-18 1-19 1-16 2-20 0-17 0-19
  • Crafting cost


  • Armor has Crafts remaining in the range of 10-27.
  • max Upgrades 0-20.

Parameter and Max Values of increase for Item Rarity with limited sample size (higher rarity even lower sample size):

Parameter Max Common Max Fine Max Journeyman Max Masterwork Max Legendary Max Mythical
Armor Value 110% 130% 150% 165% 185% 250%
Hypothermic Insulation (not Cloth) 110% 130% 150% 165% 185% 250%
Hyperthermic Insulation (only Cloth) 110% 130% 150% 165% 185% 250%
Stamina(%) 2 4,5 7,5 10,5 ? 14
Health(%) 2 4,5 7,5 10,5 ? 14
Oxygen 2 4,5 7,5 10,5 ? 14
Fortitude 2 4,5 7,5 10,5 ? 14
Weight(%) 2 4,5 7,5 10,5 ? 14
Melee Damage Multiplier(%) 1 2,25 3,75 5 6,4 ?
  • Patch v315.4 - "Removed the INT stat from armour"
  • Torpidity is patched out
  • For Melee Damage Multiplier, the sample size is even smaller because all old items 18.84 do not show correctly
  • For Melee Damage Multiplier can be half of the other values which should be the same.


  • Weapon Damage

Weapons, Siege Weapons, Cannons, Defensive Weapons[]

Parameter Range Common Range Fine Range Journeyman Range Masterwork Range Legendary Range Mythical
Weapon Damage 100-115 100-130 108-150 120-160 130-210 140-260


Information below are based on, this thread contains some average Numbers and threshold for Keep / Craft.

Sails Parameter Max












Weight Sails Sail Max Movement Weight - - - - 130%
Handling Sails Sail Acceleration 105 - - - - 125
Sail Effective Angle - - - - -
Speed Sails Sail Max Velocity 100 100 100 100 100 100
Sail Turning Effectiveness - - - - - -
All Sails Durability - - - - - -

Building Parts[]

  • Max Crafts way higher like ~50
  • Stackable
  • Only Durability as Parameter
Type Common Fine Journeyman Masterwork Legendary Mythical
Planks 105 avg 110 (keep) 110 avg 120 (keep) 115 avg 130 (keep) 125 avg 140 (keep) 135 avg 150 (keep) 150 avg 160 (keep)
Deck - - - - - -
Wood - - - - - -
Stone - - - - - -

Fishing Rod[]

  • Effectiveness


  • No additional Parameters

Blueprint Examples[]

Here some Pictures of Blunderbuss Blueprints, with variance in crafting cost.








Notes / Uncategorised Stuff[]

Siege Weapons seems to be bugged in crafting costs, a good mythical Balista takes over ~1500 Ally for one craft. Other materials also >~10 times.


Mythical tools / armor / weapons take Mythos for reparing too. After shooting a Mythical bow 13 Times it took 39 Mythos for reparing. Be aware if you plan to craft Mythical Gear for Farming. There is a screenshot in Upgrade which shows ~33 Mythos reqired for 3 Durability loss for mythical cloth gloves.