Basic Recipes

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Basic Recipes
Skill Basic Recipes.png
Unlocks Tier 1 recipes for cooking.
Precondition Basics of Cooking
Cost 1 Skill Points

Basics Recipes in ATLAS are Skills learned by the player that allow them to create Consumables and edible items from the environment around them to allow them to survive. Those players wishing to increase the yield of their crops, want to use the Buff from some foods, want to cook some tame Food or create more efficient and healthy foods will focus on this Skill Line. This Cooking & Farming Cooking & Farming Discipline is unlocked via a skill within the Survivalism SurvivalismDiscipline.

There is no greater a position on a ship, in a community, or even at a grand palace, than the position of the cook. Often Masters of both agriculture and animal husbandry, the cook is the greatest source of morale, survival, and health, that there is. Teach someone to cook, and they can feed the world.

'To cook is a dash of chemistry, a pinch of artistry, a sprinkle of creativity, and a cookbook to tell you how to mix it all together.'

The Skill unlocks the following items[edit | edit source]

Additionally, it unlocks the following skills[edit | edit source]