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Basic Medical Studies
Skill Basic Medical Studies.png
Gives access to crafting the Medkit.
Precondition Medicine Unlock
Cost 1 Skill Points


Basic Medical Studies in ATLAS are Skills learned by players that allow them to heal themselves and others. Those players wishing to craft Medkit.png Medkit and to provide healing support to allies will focus on this Skill Line. Medicine Medicine Skill Line. This Skill Line is unlocked via the Survivalism SurvivalismDiscipline.

The Skill Basic Medical Studies unlocks the following items[]

Additionally, it unlocks the following skills[]


  • Equip in toolbar, draw it like a weapon and left click a player in range to heal them. Right clicking the player will reduce their torpor instead.
  • After successfully completing either treatment, the player cannot receive the same treatment for a time. You cannot perform treatments on yourself.
  • The Medkit.png Medkithave a spoil timer. Preserving Bag.png Preserving Bags have no impact on spoil timer.

Medicinal Herb[]

Medicinal Herbs are used to create the Medkit.

Name Nutrition Group
Aloe.png Aloe Vitamin A.png A
Basil.png Basil Vitamin A.png A
Chamomile.png Chamomile Vitamin A.png A
Licorice.png Licorice Vitamin A.png A
Poppy.png Poppy Vitamin A.png A
Spirulina.png Spirulina Vitamin A.png A
Turmeric.png Turmeric Vitamin A.png A
Yarrow.png Yarrow Vitamin A.png A