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Ancient Fire Elemental
Ancient Fire Elemental Image.jpg
Common Name Ancient Fire Elemental
Group Bosses
Nature Aggressive
Release version Steam.svg v1.0
Tameable No
Rideable No
Tame type Cheat
Other information
Spawns in Golden Ruins
Rarity Rare

Ancient Fire Elemental is one of the Monsters in ATLAS and one of the seven mini-bosses of the Power Stone Islands.

This boss will be introduced with Season 9 of Atlas and is a larger purple fire elemental (see gallery below).

Basic Information[]


The Ancient Fire Elemental will be encountered standing still until it is provoked by a player. It will try to hit you with all its attacks as long as you are in its aggro range. If you leave its aggro range, it'll remain still again.


The Ancient Fire Elemental is giant spirit of fire with powerfull capacity like huge fireball and he have a large ability to levitate and travel large area.


The Ancient Fire Elemental takes reduced damage under normal atmospheric conditions; however, using precipitation such as rain or water will remove its damage reduction buff and allow it to take full damage from player and ship weapons.


The Ancient Fire Elemental spawn on only one specific location on the Powerstone Island the A7 Grid in the South America Sea Region inside ruins near a dead tree on the island.