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Advanced Soil Tilling
Skill Advanced Soil Tilling.png
Soil Growth Bonus +20%
Precondition Improved Soil Tilling
Cost 6 Skill Points

Basic Farming in ATLAS are Skills learned by the player that allow them to create Consumables and edible items from the environment around them to allow them to survive. Those players wishing to increase the yield of their crops, want to use the Buff from some foods, want to cook some tame Food or create more efficient and healthy foods will focus on this Skill Line. This Cooking & Farming Cooking & Farming Discipline is unlocked via a skill within the Survivalism SurvivalismDiscipline.

Farming is a required part of Cooking. You can not use some wild foods to cook better food. You need to plant for example Wild Wheat to harvest Wheat to use it in the recipes for better Food.

'Further reduces the time needed to till soil.'

The Skill unlocks the following items[]


Additionally, it unlocks the following skills[]

  • Requirement for