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Released - May 8th 2019

Balance Changes

  • Crab can no longer grab crew off stations
  • Ship claim time reduced by 5x when a ship is unanchored.
  • Large Cannons can now only be placed in gun ports when on ships. Existing Large Cannons that have been placed on decks or ceilings will not be functional and will need to be demolished.
  • Small reduction in Large Cannon damage
  • One*time doubling of acquired Discovery Points for all previously existing player profiles
  • Players will now get 2 Discovery Points per regular discovery rather than 1
  • Quest Discovery Points have also increased by approximately 2x
  • Lighthouses will check for nearby enemy players before being able to be successfully placed
  • Large Gateways, Gates, and Large walls will check for nearby online players before being able to be placed unless on Settlements during peacetime.
  • Core Structures will check for nearby online players before being able to be placed during Combat Phase on Settlements
  • Flotsam gold reward gold increased by 20%
  • Crew Payment Interval doubled (this means that you'll need to pay them less gold)
  • Shipwreck Gold Reward doubled
  • Creatures able to be equipped with armour along with Crew are now able to equip gear above common quality.
  • Any structure that checks for enemy foundations when placed in water now has a 4x enemy foundation check radius (such as pillars and shipyards)
  • There is now a creature specific cooldown on Nature's Touch

QoL Changes

  • Increased spoil timer on SotD loot.
  • Reduction in Blizzard Sound Effect volume
  • Crewmembers will no longer eat Water Jars from the food larder or their inventories
  • Transferring materials with a filter on now transfers all children types too. For example, filtering HIDE will transfer Leather, Fur, Hair, etc.
  • Transferring items of a higher than base quality will now automatically go into the hotbar space

Bug Fixes

  • The Accordion song, “A Mockatoo Once Told Me” will now appropriately apply the buff to players in the area
  • Fix to the movement of elevator when manually operated
  • Fixed a crash on transition
  • Submarine now consumes fuel consistently after crossing a world border
  • Kracken should no longer aggro onto ships/players outside of the barrier
  • Fixed an issue related to ships transitioning with players when a catapult was used
  • Fixed a basing issue which could occur when crabs jumped off ships
  • Fixed an issue caused by opening the feats wheel then pressing “i” which caused the mouse cursor to be placed on screen.
  • An unraised noose on a ship will no longer cause a player to take damage upon transferring
  • Fixed an exploit related to harvesting from crop plots
  • Fixed an issue with crop plots unintentionally being able to be stacked
  • A player’s bag will no longer spawn above the cave if they die completing the Powerstone quest
  • Items inside a loot bag will now register the correct weight
  • Fixed a visual bug related to the cloth Cyclops Helmet skin
  • Cannons can no longer be placed right beside another (to address stacking three cannons inside a gun port)
  • The sextant compass buff will no longer be removed upon logging out
  • Fixed Hydra Spawn on H6
  • Cleaned up levels from Mnt_R_PVE and reworked spawns on Cay_H
  • Cannonballs will no longer pass through own collision
  • Gateways and Gates can no longer be placed in Freeports or Golden Age Ruin servers
  • Alloy will now be correctly detected from a resource repair box


  • Settlement Owners on our PvE Networks can no longer set rules on building offensive structures
  • Rectified an inconsistency when painting decks and ceilings on ships
  • Adjusted the Chest Width slider for females in the character creation screen
  • Corrected Hide Cyclops Armour name in BP description
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