Released - April 17th, 2019

  • Possible fix for falling through structures on respawn/fast travel/server load
  • Fix for creatures over spawning when wandering out of spawn areas.
  • Increased structure check on creature spawns to prevent them from spawning inside bases on Lawless servers. May still occur in areas with a large open space, such as a big pen.
  • Fixed a case where Army of the Damned were being destroyed but did not count towards your objective, therefore made it impossible to dig up certain treasure chests.
  • Eliminated some D3D (Direct 3d) hung crashes
  • Adjusted mythical shipyard crafting requirements so they can be crafted at smithy
  • Maximum tax on PvP is now 30%
  • Barshot projectile has had it's range and speed increased so that it's closer to a regular cannon ball
  • Water Reservoirs now hold 12,000 water and Barrels hold 4,000.
  • Whale health has been increased by 20% and gold reduced by 35%
  • Ballista reload time has been increased
  • Elevators now rise at 3x the rate and can carry 2x more -- may cause some clientside jittering when moving on top of the elevator (known issue that we're working on).
  • Medkit spoil timer increased to 12 hrs
  • Increase durability of grappling hook by 2x
  • Increase earthworm spoil time to 1 hour
  • Increase the stasis range of Mermaid so they're easier to find
  • No cooldown on placing cannons in PvE
  • Reduced creature harvesting for berries
  • Ramshackle sloop weight capacity has been reduced to 1200
  • Raft weight capacity has been increased to 1600